Learn about all language pairs that we give translation service.

120+ languages and 2000+ language pairs!

Dr. Translation supports 120+ languages and 2000+ language pairs, covering over 95% of the languages. Our team translates 120+ Languages and we can provide translators in any city of the world! Languages we translate include…

Afrikaans Chinese German Kirghiz Persian Tagalog
Albanian Croatian Greek Korean Polish Tajik
Arabic Czech Haitian Latin Portuguese Tatar
Armenian Danish Hindi Latvian Romanian Thai
Azerbaijani Dutch Hungarian Lithuanian Russian Turkish
Bashkir English Icelandic Macedoni Serbian Ukrainian
Basque Estonian Indonesian Malagasy Slovak Urdu
Belarusian Finnish Irish Malay Slovenian Uzbek
Bosnian French Italian Maltese Spanish Vietnamese
Bulgarian Galician Japanese Mongolian Swahili Welsh
Catalan Georgian Kazakh Norwegian Swedish

10,000+ Professional Translators from 120+ different countries!

Dr.Translation is considered the fastest professional translation service in the world. We are able to provide high-quality translations around 10,000+ Professional Translators from 120+ different countries.

Online Translate

Free Online Translation Tool for 60+ Languages such like Spanish, French, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian languages...etc.

Certified translation

We offer certified translations in every official European language, as well as several non-European languages.

Publication Translation

Our expert translation for publication service turns your manuscript into perfect academic quality script in more than 60 language combinations.

Website translation

We ensure that your website translation reads like marketing text written by a native speaker, while rendering all the technical details of the source text correctly.

Dr.Translation guarantees quality using people, process, and technology on several layers. Whatever your translation needs, whether in the field of commerce, law, medicine, finance or public service, Dr.Translation Language Services can match your requirements to a translator with specialist knowledge.

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